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About Sauber America
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SAUBER AMERICA is a global machine with foci in environmentally friendly cleaning agents, pet-safe products, multinational industries, and lastly in “cleanroom” environments.

We get to know our customer’s needs; we create protocols specific to their requirements. With consistency & integrity at our core, we strive to leave no surface untouched.

With us, you can guarantee a well-polished service anytime you need our help with your cleaning needs. Whether you require our service on an on-call, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, we can provide short-term or long-term arrangements that work well within your budget and requirements. We won’t be satisfied with our job until you are. After all, our priority is to make you happy with our service.

Mission Statement
  • To sanitize your space while protecting the environment
  • To implement hospital grade disinfection yet earth conscious practices

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